2009: A change of guard and leadership in the mayoral house of Pöllau took place. Josef Schützenhöfer sized upon the opportunity and deposited a request for the allocation of a public space enabling the placement of a newly designed "Liberation Marker 45". This time we were given a verbal agreement from the major that such an object could be in place by 2011.

2010: In April another change in the house of local politics took place, this time the OEVP Christian Conservatives won the mayoral seat and announced that all commitments towards the LIBERATION IN PROGRESS project made by their political predecessors were to be considered as null and void.

2010: Despite the proclamation from the newly elected mayor, the LIBERATION IN PROGRESS project received national support and proceeded.

Four graduates of MICA: Maryland Institute College of Art completed and positioned the "Liberation Marker 45" on public grounds in the town of Pöllau. The artists are:

Josef Schützenhöfer - MBA-class of 1987
Douglas Hoagg - MBA-class of 1987
William Contino - MBA-class of 1988
Emily Hines - BA-class of 2011

Together with Dr. Klaus Zeyringer, a professor of German literature and local resident, the project was realized.

The local authorities refused to support the project, or to even give consent for an appropriate site for the art object. After numerous attempts to work together with the town council representatives failed, the decision was made not only to carry on independently, but also to endow the project with an international participation which reflects the allied involvement.

A petition was started to apply pressure on the Pöllau town representatives. The petition was initiated by Dr. Klaus Zeyringer and Gerhard Ruiss of the IG Autorinnen Autoren in Vienna and was signed by hundreds of leading Austrian authors, artists, musicians, entertainers, athletes, businessmen, university professors etc - including the Nobel Prize winning author, Elfriede Jelinek, the Ukrainian author Juri Andruchowytsch, the Slovenian writers Drago Jan?ar and Aleš Šteger, the US-author John Wray, the Austrian author Daniel Kehlmann, the Jazz-musician Wolfgang Puschnig and many more.

The project was “adopted” and supported by the Styrian Cultural Initiative under the direction of Mr. Herbert Nichols-Schweiger. The Styrian Cultural Initiative is a state funded organization which works with public space artwork. Without the intervention of this initiative, a site in town would not have been approved.

The artists arrived the last week in June, and the object was built and installed within a 10 day session of creative and stressful labour and with the assistance of numerous other local residents. Approximately 200 persons attended the lecture and unveiling of the art object on its temporary spot in the town park.

The art object was designed to reflect the shape of the rudder of a B24 WWII aircraft. The 4 painted images represent the 4 downed U.S. Air Force planes which crashed in the local area during the war. Two silkscreened historic images are printed on one side - one of the Texarkana Hussy USAAF crew and the other is of the first Russian Liberators arriving at the wars’ end in Pöllau. The names of all airmen involved in these crashes are listed on the object.

18. June: The "Liberation Marker 45" was installed.

4. August: The object was vandalized, the names of the US fliers and the nose-art image of Emily Hines was sprayed over with enamel paint.

6. August: The object was vandalized again, two support cables were torn and an attempt was made topple the sculpture. The object stands now at a slight tilt.

10. August: The grounds keeper deliberately damaged the third support cable.

16. December: With the use of a pipe, the rudder part of the object was pried from the main Section, the hinge anchors were damaged and the fourth support cable was removed.

20. December: The "Liberation Marker 45" was removed to undergo repair.
Liberation Marker 45Liberation Marker 45 "Liberation Marker 45" Liberation Marker SketchLiberation Marker Sketch Schützenhöfer: "Liberation Marker", Sketch, 2009 Liberation Marker SketchLiberation Marker Sketch Schützenhöfer: "Liberation Marker", Sketch, 2009      Hoagg, Hines, Schützenhöfer, ContinHoagg, Hines, Schützenhöfer, Contin Hoagg, Hines, Schützenhöfer, Contino