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The correct answer to the easy to answer question: Who freed Austria in 1945 from the furies of National Socialism is not stated on most of Austria’s war memorials to this day.
LIBERATION IN PROGRESS attempts to prepare the way towards acceptance and acknowledgement of the allied liberators through artistic means. Participants in this project come from all the WW II allied countries. LIBERATION IN PROGRESS participated in the Cultural Capital of Europe- Maribor 2012.

160 Pages
Publisher: Leykam Verlag, Graz 2012

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Anderwald + Grond
Joachim Baur
Clemens Berger
Bazon Brock
Simon Brugner
William Contino
Barbara B. Edlinger
Hans Haacke
Heimo Halbrainer
Karl-Heinz Herper
Emily Hines
Douglas Hoagg
Otto Hochreiter
Georg Hoffmann
Peter G. Hoffmann
Helmut Konrad
Andreas und Renate Meschuh
Ursula Neugebauer
Herbert Nichols-Schweiger
Josef Schützenhöfer
Timm Ulrichs
Peter Weibel
Heinz Wondra
Klaus Zeyringer